Aim Higher

Greetings from Your Chamber:

We realize your organizations have been hit hard by this unprecedented pandemic.  Please know Your Chamber cares about each of our members and continues to share vital resources and information channels to help members navigate through the COVID-19 crisis.

We are leading efforts to assist companies seeking financial support, connect businesses to much needed personal protective equipment, support businesses by promoting carry-out and online sales and keeping our community informed.

Whether your company was designated “ESSENTIAL” or “NON-ESSENTIAL”, you and your teams have been working in some unchartered waters. Thank you all for what you are doing during this horrible pandemic.  Your organizations will play an even more important role as we move forward out of this difficult time.

The Good News is “We will get through this”, but there will be a new normal.  Some are saying this will be this generations 9/11.  As during that event, it will take time for us to bounce back from this virus, and we will live differently after we recover from it.

Many of us have been working remotely or on a downtime “Pause”.  While very difficult, this has given us time to recalibrate and audit ourselves and our organizational operations; time to Implement new technologies to help us better communicate with each other; time to be more local in support of our restaurants and retailers; and time to get ready for the new normal when things open back up.

We need to make sure our community comes out of this pandemic stronger realizing it will take time to turn ourselves and our economy around in this new normal.  Quint Studer, businessman and author, said this during our chamber webinar last week,

"Don’t expect the reboot to put your community right back to where it was before COVID-19. For starters, it’s not possible. I’ve read and heard this many times and I agree: When this is over, the world will have changed in many ways. But also, even if we could, we shouldn’t settle for a return to the 'old' normal. We owe it to the community to aim higher."

Our community is aiming higher.  Even during this difficult time many major community projects are moving forward.  Our community has added hundreds of new jobs while our existing companies are doing very well minus the pandemic.

Community leaders are Dreaming Big and moving forward together.  We are working on the right things and engaging with each other and sharing information in ways we could never do before.  That will only continue as we come back from this pandemic.

Thank you for all you are doing to help our region move forward during this difficult time!  By continuing to move forward together, we will all come out of this pandemic stronger!