Local Restaurants Status Update

Below is a list of local restaurants and their current status (open/closed), and their current level of service. We encourage you to support all of our local restaurants during this challenging time. 

Please Note: Be sure to check individual restaurant's websites and social media as hours of operation are subject to change. Many area food trucks are also operating as usual. Visit their Facebook pages for regular updates on locations.


Catanzaro’s Pizza + Subs: Carry Out

Fountain on Main: Carry Out

Hickory Inn: Carry Out

Jimmy John’s: Delivery / Drive Thru

Mother Stewart’s Brewing Co.: Carry Out

Pizza N Stuff: Carry Out

Salato Deli + Le Torte Dolci: Carry Out / Limited Delivery

Seasons Bistro + Grille: Carry Out / Curbside

Taqueria Senor Piquin: Carry Out

Winan’s Chocolates + Coffee: Carry Out


Fratelli’s: Closed

Mela Urban Bistro: Closed

Mobil Dogs Café: Closed

Station 1: Closed 

Stella Bleu: Closed

Un Mundo Café: Closed



Ridgewood Area

Buckeye Sports Lodge: Carry Out

Cecil + Lime Café: Carryout / Curbside

Coffee Expressions: Carry Out

Lee’s Famous Recipe: Carry Out / Drive Thru

Mike + Rosy’s: Carry Out / Delivery

Mikey’s Pizza: Carry Out

O’Conners: Carry Out

Simply Delicious: Carry Out

Tropical Smoothie: Carry Out

Tropical Smoothie: Carry Out


Ridgewood Café: Closed


East Side

Los Mariachis: Carry Out / Delivery

Mariana’s Tacos y Paletas: Carry Out

Speakeasy Ramen: Carry Out / Delivery

The Meadows: Carry Out / Curbside / Delivery

Victor’s Tacos: Drive Thru

Yamato Steak House Japan: Carry Out


Guerra’s Krazy Taco: Closed



Casa Del Sabor: Carry Out

Mic’s Italian Restaurant: Carry Out / Limited Delivery

Short Stop: Carry Out / Delivery

Smith’s Market / Hershey Ice Cream: Carry Out / Drive Thru


Scout’s: Closed

Simon Kenton Inn (Pub + Restaurant): Closed


Bechtle Area

Applebee’s: Carry Out / Curbside / Delivery

Bob Evan’s: Carry Out / Delivery

Buffalo Wild Wings: Carry Out / Delivery

Chipotle: Carryout / Delivery

Dairy Queen: Drive Thru

El Toro: Carry Out

Five Guys: Carry Out / Delivery

Frisch’s: Drive Thru / Carry Out / Delivery

Golden Corral: Carry Out

Honey Baked Ham: Carry Out

Hung Lung: Closed

O’Charley’s: Carry Out

Olive Garden: Carry Out

Panera: Carry Out / Delivery

Penn Station: Carry Out

Rapid Fire Pizza: Carry Out / Delivery

Red Lobster: Carry Out / Curbside / Delivery

Roosters: Carry Out

Sake: Carry Out

Starbucks: Closed

Steak n Shake: Drive Thru / Carryout

Texas Roadhouse: Carry Out

Wine Works: Carry Out


Olympic Coney Island: Closed


Lower Valley Area

Frickers: Carry Out

Halfe’s Winery: Carry Out

Mark Pi: Carry Out

The Barn: Carry Out /Drive Thru / Delivery


Collier’s Family Restaurant: Closed


Other Areas

571 Grill and Draft House: Curbside

Cassanos: Carry Out / Delivery

Chipotle: Carryout / Delivery

Cousin Vinny’s: Carry / Delivery

Cracker Barrel: Curbside / Carryout

Crown Market: Carry Out

Donatos: Delivery

Dunkin Donuts: Carry Out / Drive Thru

Hot Head: Carry Out

Indian Creek Distillery: Curbside

Lee Ann’s Dairy Delight: Drive Thru

Lee’s Famous Recipe: Carry Out / Drive Thru

Our Hero: Carry Out

Rudy’s Smokehouse: Carry Out / Curbside / Delivery

Schuler's Bakery: Carry Out

Subway: Carry Out / Delivery

The Dairy Store @ Young's Jersey Dairy: Carry Out

The Tavernette: Curbside + Limited Delivery

Tim Hortons: Drive Thru


Golden Jersey Inn: Closed

Paddy’s Pizza: Closed

StageCoach Cafe: Closed

Tea Berries: Close