Onward Springfield!

By Mike McDorman, President & CEO

Our Chamber staff recently read a book by Starbucks founder, and CEO Howard Schultz entitled, “Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul.”

The book covers the first two years of the turnaround of Starbucks after Schultz returned as CEO. It is full of prudent advice, emotionally engaging stories and a testament to the power of executing on a clear vision.

Among dozens of great quotes from Schultz in the book, this particular quote resonated with me: “I have long believed in the power of a word or a single phrase to effectively communicate a business imperative - and to inspire people. The best words are never big or complicated, but are packed with emotion and meaning, leaving no question of what I expect of myself and others.”

For our Chamber staff that word is: ONWARD. As in, “going further rather than coming to an end or halt; moving forward.”

As a community, this should be our rallying cry! As this issue of RegionView illustrates, we are a community on the rise. Jobs, expansion and investment are all trending up. We now have positive momentum on our side, and with it a unique opportunity to change the trajectory of Greater Springfield.

An example of this positive momentum was on display at the “Best of Springfield Celebration” on October 19th. This event provides us with an opportunity to honor the people, places, businesses, employers and service providers that make our community great. There was a palpable sense of excitement in the room as the winners were revealed, and the 350+ attendees left with a renewed enthusiasm for their community.

Earlier in the same day members of our Chamber Board of Directors, Community Improvement Corporation Board of Directors, and representatives from the City of Springfield, and Clark County, traveled to Columbus for the Ohio Economic Development Association’s 2017 Annual Excellence Awards. The group was in attendance as the CIC was awarded the “Best Project” award for the Topre America Corporation New Facility Site Selection. This award marks the first time that Springfield has been recognized as “Best Project,” and is a testament to the partnership of our economic development and workforce team.

As we recognize our achievements and pause to reflect on our accomplishments, let us never stop looking forward. This is a unique time in our community’s history, and our opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

Onward Springfield!