Speak a Good Word for Springfield: Sports Tourism

Over the past several years The Chamber has met with various Community Development experts who have pointed to things like our incredible location along I 70, our many cultural arts and recreational amenities, and our unique architecture throughout our downtown as some of our greatest attributes.  They have told us to Focus on two areas for potential growth:  Convention/Events facilities and sports tourism opportunities around the Clark State Performing Arts Center and at the Upper Valley Mall.


There is much momentum happening in our County during this time.  We are bringing the right kinds of jobs and investments again, we simply need the people taking the jobs to choose to live here. 


We recently completed a Sports Tourism Study that points to some key investments that could bring thousands of people to our area along with a huge economic stimulus to a community that is seeking to grow again.  Those investments over time help make our community more attractive for people to begin choosing to locate their families here as well. 


But our competition is not sitting still.  In an attached link to a News-Sun article about Hamilton, Ohio’s proposed massive sports and events center (April 4, 2018), you will read about a City and Chamber that are also seeking to give their community “a tremendous boost” in recreating a sense of place, stemming their population decline, and moving forward! 


We are heading in the right direction; however, we will need to be visionary and dogged in our determination if we are going to succeed.  Chris Schutte shared a great quote with a small group of us yesterday.  It sums up perfectly what we are trying to do here, 


“Build a place where people want to visit, and you build a place where people will want to live.”


The experts are right.  We are in a great location, so let’s work together to make the most of it!