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Safety Steering Committee

The Springfield-Clark County Safety Council Steering Committee is a group of local safety professionals who volunteer to oversee the safety council’s programming and provide safety information and resources to Springfield-Clark County businesses.

Justin Hayes, Chairman
Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC

Sam Jenkins, Vice-Chairman
Esterline & Sons Manufacturing

Jan Gillis
McGregor Metalworking Companies

John Lingg
Reed Elsevier Technology Services

James Pellegrino
BWC Liaison

Nancy Wintrow, Secretary
Greater Springfield Partnership

Misty Turner
Clark County Developmental Disabilities

Safety Council

“Safety is a full-time job. Don't make it a part-time practice.”

- Justin Hayes, Safety Manager, Benjamin Steel Co.

“We need to make personal safety a value in our corporate lives.  Many organizations do see safety as a priority.  Yet, as humans, we know that like life, priorities change with time. That’s why safety and health must become a personal and organizational VALUE.  This needs to be a value that  is believed in from the “top” down.  Values, unlike priorities, do not change.”

- Kimberly Elliott


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