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Safety Steering Committee

The Springfield-Clark County Safety Council Steering Committee is a group of local safety professionals who volunteer to oversee the safety council’s programming and provide safety information and resources to Springfield-Clark County businesses.

Justin Hayes, Chairman
Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC

Sam Jenkins, Vice-Chairman
Esterline & Sons Manufacturing

Jan Gillis
McGregor Metalworking Companies

John Lingg
Reed Elsevier Technology Services

James Pellegrino
BWC Liaison

Travis Smith
HDI Landing Gear USA

Teresa Stetler-Clear, Secretary
Greater Springfield Partnership

Misty Turner
Clark County Developmental Disabilities

Safety Council

“Safety is a full-time job. Don't make it a part-time practice.”

- Justin Hayes, Safety Manager, Benjamin Steel Co.

“We need to make personal safety a value in our corporate lives.  Many organizations do see safety as a priority.  Yet, as humans, we know that like life, priorities change with time. That’s why safety and health must become a personal and organizational VALUE.  This needs to be a value that  is believed in from the “top” down.  Values, unlike priorities, do not change.”

- Kimberly Elliott


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