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Meeting Schedule & Topics

The Springfield-Clark County Safety Council holds monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month from 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM at the Springfield Courtyard by Marriott. 

To receive an invitation to a Springfield-Clark County Safety Council meeting contact Nancy Wintrow, Secretary at 937-314-4054 or email her at

2022 Meetings


Ohio BWC Programs & Links:

The BWC programs listed below are available to employers to help save on workers compensation premiums. Find a complete list of Ohio BWC Employer Programs here:

  • Industry-Specific Safety Program
  • Transitional Work
  • Transitional Work Grants
  • Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP)
  • Safety Councils
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Go-Green Discount
  • Lapse-Free Discount

Safety and Training Page for Employers

Safety and Training Page for Workers

If you don't care about your safety, who will? Check out the BE SAFE OHIO campaign

November 22 Distance Learning

Safety Council

“Safety is a full-time job. Don't make it a part-time practice.”

- Justin Hayes, Safety Manager, Benjamin Steel Co.

“We need to make personal safety a value in our corporate lives.  Many organizations do see safety as a priority.  Yet, as humans, we know that like life, priorities change with time. That’s why safety and health must become a personal and organizational VALUE.  This needs to be a value that  is believed in from the “top” down.  Values, unlike priorities, do not change.”

- Kimberly Elliott


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