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Ashten Houseman

Downtown Events Programmer

Department: Staff

Ashten Houseman started as the Downtown Events Programmer for the Greater Springfield Partnership in July 2022. Ashten is a graduate from THE North High School c/o ’04 and a lifelong resident of Springfield, where she lives with her husband Jared, and their three children, Desmond, Gabriella, and Carter.

Ashten as an entrepreneur and foodie used her knack of discovering Instagram worthy restaurants, places to stay, and things to do to launch a date night concierge service in 2019, encouraging couples to #datenightlocal by curating custom date night itineraries for two.

Ashten has partnered with the Springfield Museum of Art, Ohio Find it Here, and other organizations to highlight Ohio travel and tourism through social media, host seasonal date night events and execute a multitude of intimate events such as Yellow Ribbon Reunions (Ohio National Guard), Baby Showers, and most recently, wedding day support.

Ashten loves to travel, host & cater brunch and dinner parties alongside her husband, and spends all the time she can watching her kids relish in sports and grow up waaayyy faster than she expected.

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