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The advocacy role of the Partnership focuses on:

  • Educating our members on legislative activity
  • Building Relationships with elected officials on the local | state | national levels
  • Expressing concerns of our businesses to our elected officials
  • Creating opportunities for our business and community leaders to meet with elected officials and regulatory authorities

The Greater Springfield Partnership, with input from its 800 business members has developed Public Policy Goals on which to focus.  As issues change and evolve, new information will be added. While the Partnership's Board of Directors does not take a position on every issue, the Partnership provides access to information and research on those issues.

"It's important to Young's that business speaks as a group to our local, state and federal governments. The Greater Springfield Partnership helps to provide a strong voice as an advocate representing business interests."

- Dan Young, CEO and Chief Ice Cream Dipper, Young's Jersey Dairy

Public Policy Focus

The Partnership supports funding for education and workforce policies which prepare employees to advance the labor market. We know that businesses depend on skilled workers to successfully compete. And, attraction of new business and industry is determined by the skill of our workforce.

The Partnership supports:

  • early childhood education
  • policies that provide access to post-secondary education via affordable tuition
  • programming and training offered by Ohio Means Jobs and other workforce partners

The Partnership will support efforts to encourage government, while protecting services that tax payers value. 

  • Support and encourage shared government services
  • Encourage public Private partnerships in Economic Development and Tourism
  • Support Performance audit studies for Government efficiency and savings to avoid tax increases

The Partnership will support regional cooperation, partnerships and regional growth.

  • Support the Regional LEADER program representing 11,000 business in the region
  • Support the Dayton Development Coalition and the Annual Dc fly-in
  • Support the Emerging Community Coalition (ACCE)
  • Participate in PDAC (Priority Development Advocacy Committee) and the effort within the Springfield Region

The Partnership will support safe | healthy workplaces.

  • Continue to offer safety training through our Safety Council Programming and partnership with BWC
  • Support Clark County Health District Initiatives
  • Encourage increased incentives for businesses to participate in and promote health and safety programming
  • Encourage fairness and affordability within the Workers’ Compensation system.

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Why Invest with the Partnership?

Greater Springfield Partnership 20 South Limestone Street Suite 100 Springfield, OH, 45502