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Workforce: A Primary Ingredient in the Evolution of the Food Industry

11 Dec 2020


Food processing is an ever-changing industry. Recent years have ushered in a wave of change driven by consumer demands, technology advancements, and regulation shifts. Society has become much more aware of the food it consumes and how it is sourced. As with other industries, millennials are vocal about their preferences, which has motivated manufacturers, including food processors, to listen.

The food and beverage industry, in response, is transforming itself through increasing production times, changing technologies, heightened food safety regulations, and more in-facility work. This evolution has been in the works for some time now and shows no indication of slowing down.

Add COVID-19 to the mix, and this change is taken to an entirely different level, especially as it relates to supply chain disruption. Companies believe the majority of COVID-related changes are here to stay. Manufacturers are making long-term adjustments to support these demands.

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