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Leveraging the Workplace in Recruitment Strategies

15 Dec 2020


For most recruiters finding prospective employees is only half the battle. As challenging as it may be to sift through resumes and emails, when that one outstanding candidate comes along, there is an even greater obstacle: making sure he or she chooses to work with your organization.

So how can one company stand out against another? Salaries and benefits are a huge factor, but they are certainly not the only variables considered. Company culture also plays a crucial role and, in many cases, may be the deciding factor for prospective employees. When a candidate visits a company’s office for an interview, the workplace design contributes to their first impression, showcasing a company’s culture.

Architecture and design is one way to grab the attention of prospective employees, but it also entices employees back into the office, once it is safe to do so, and builds the company’s culture. Strategically designing a space to support the well-being of its occupants can have a positive impact on how the office is perceived by visitors as well as current and future employees. In this way, the role of amenities is more important than ever.

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