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How This App Is Helping Parents Become Entrepreneurs

23 Dec 2020


If your children have outgrown their baby items, you might have wondered if you can make money by selling your gently used things. Stephanie Cartin had that thought when her daughter was eight months old. Today, she’s the co-founder of Markid. She spoke with Jessica Abo to share how her marketplace is helping parents become entrepreneurs. 

Jessica Abo: Stephanie, how did you and your business partner come up with the idea to start Markid?

Stephanie Cartin: When my daughter was eight months old, she began to outgrow many of the items that we had purchased for her, like her Mamaroo, her bouncer and her bassinet. And there were new products that I needed to buy for her at the time. And my husband kindly said to me, “Can you please get some of these products out of our small apartment before you start to get other things that she needs?”

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