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Job Discovery Day at Cliff Park Connected Students with Hiring Managers

Job Discovery Day at Cliff Park Connected Students with Hiring Managers Main Photo

24 Nov 2021


Cliff Park students and alumni had the opportunity to meet with local employers and learn about job opportunities during last week’s Job Discovery Day at Cliff Park. Eight companies were on hand to discuss current job openings, career opportunities and what they are looking for in job applicants. Over 35 students and alumni participated. 

“This hiring event was well attended, with strong connections being made between the teens and young adults in our community, and the employers looking for new talent,” said Kendra Burnside, Talent and Education Coordinator for the Greater Springfield Partnership. “Students were able to become aware of and apply for employment opportunities in the community, so there was no waiting for information or for next steps. This should expedite the hiring process for our employers.”

In addition, OMJ was there to help students with resumes and to talk about their programs for teenagers and young adults. Clark State was there to speak with students about their programs, specifically certificates that don’t require a full 2 or 4 year degree. “Our goal is to connect young people with prospective employers, but also with long term career opportunities. Very often this includes technical training in addition to immediate employment. Bringing the two together paints a broader picture for students looking to enter the workforce,” said Burnside. 

Companies who participated in the Job Discovery Day include:

  • Imperial Express
  • Forest Glen/Wooded Glen
  • IPL Dayton
  • Woeber’s Mustard
  • Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken
  • Park National Bank
  • Ohio Means Jobs
  • Clark State College

Burnside is planning additional career fairs. Companies who are interested in participating should contact her by emailing

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