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New Housing Starts in Springfield Could Mean More Customers for Your Business

New Housing Starts in Springfield Could Mean More Customers for Your Business Main Photo

25 Feb 2022


Developers have taken notice of the strong housing demand in Springfield and Clark County. There are now approximately 800 housing units in various stages of development. This is excellent news for businesses in Clark County. These 800 additional housing units could result in a significant population increase - meaning more customers and more potential workers. 

“Housing development is key to the continued growth of our community. We need additional housing units so people can move to Clark County and support the growth of our incredible businesses,” said Mike McDorman, President & CEO of the Greater Springfield Partnership. “Developers like DDC Management have made significant investments in Springfield and the fast rate at which new houses are being sold demonstrates that their investment is sound.”

Here are just a few of the housing developments taking place in Springfield and Clark County:

  • Bridgewater - This 226 unit housing development is entering its fourth phase, with over 115 homes already sold.
  • Sycamore Ridge - A new DDC housing development that will bring 258 homes to the city. 
  • Premier Property Sales is developing smaller projects, including new rental units. 
  • Downtown Springfield 89-unit apartment project.
  • Center Street Townes is a 34 townhome community in the absolute heart of downtown Springfield.
  • Community Gardens - 60 additional senior apartments are being built.

Local businesses can expect hundreds of housing units to come online over the next 12 months and are likely to see new customers calling or walking in the door. 

Tips on How to Market Your Business to New Residents

Businesses looking to market to new residents may wish to try the following:

  • Send postcards or letters to new residents, introducing your business. Keep in mind that new residents will be in need of standard services for their family and home, such as dental care, cleaning, car repair, etc. 
  • Greet new residents with a special offer such as a discount or 2 for 1 offer. 
  • Become a resource for information online. New residents will want to learn more about where to go for events and entertainment, what restaurants to try, where to take their kids for soccer and to buy soccer gear, etc. Consider starting a blog and making social media posts that are related to the industry you are in.
  • Go introduce yourself. Visiting new residents by making door to door visits in new developments is a great way to introduce yourself and meet your new neighbors. People will appreciate a friendly welcome and will remember your business. 

For businesses looking to hire workers, we recommend that you leverage the free tools available to you through the Greater Springfield Partnership. “I work directly with businesses, helping them to get their open job and internship postings online. In addition, I interface directly with local schools and residents to make them aware of job opportunities. This includes hosting job fairs and creating events where HR managers can speak directly with applicants,” said Kendra Burnside, Talent and Education Coordinator. Businesses can email Kendra for assistance and to brainstorm ways to reach more applicants.

Why Invest with the Partnership?

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