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Why the Owner of Winans Chocolates & Coffees Loves Her Location in Downtown Springfield

Why the Owner of Winans Chocolates & Coffees Loves Her Location in Downtown Springfield Main Photo

23 May 2022

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Winans Chocolates & Coffees (Winans) has two locations in Springfield. Their handcrafted chocolates are made in nearby Piqua using pure ingredients like sugar, milk and butter. When combined with their specialty coffee, it’s easy to see why Winans has a strong following throughout Ohio. “Our Springfield locations are very popular. People line up and keep coming back,” said owner Chandi Shah. “We appreciate our loyal customers!”

Chandi initially worked as a barista for Winans after leaving her corporate job. After taking on more and more responsibilities with the company she decided to open her own Winans and now owns three, including two in Springfield. “We opened the Downtown location in 2016 and one on Limestone in 2020,” she said. “At the time we never imagined that Downtown Springfield would grow as it has. Last winter we had an ice skating rink Downtown which blew my mind. We have new condos and townhomes and a parking garage. It’s incredible to see all of the growth.”

Downtown Springfield’s growth has been made possible through collaborative efforts. The Greater Springfield Partnership, local investors and developers and business owners like Chandi Shah have all played a role in revitalizing the community and turning it into a vibrant destination for entertainment, work and living. “There has been so much progress. I am excited about Pretzelmaker opening next door to us. This shows how the Downtown keeps growing,” she said. “Hopefully when other entrepreneurs see that Winans is here, Pretzelmaker is here, there is a bakery, wine bar and restaurants… they will realize that they can succeed in Springfield too.”

“We have seen incredible growth in Downtown Springfield and we’re just getting started. The Greater Springfield Partnership (GSP) invites entrepreneurs to be a part of our growth,” said Mike McDorman, President & CEO of GSP. “Our team is here to offer hands-on support, site selection assistance and to make it easy to open a location anywhere in Clark County.”

When Chandi Shah won an award for her contributions to the community she recognized some of the support she received, acknowledging how the support has helped her business to grow. “I want to thank the Turner Foundation, SBDC, New Carlisle Federal Savings Bank, the Chamber (GSP) and the people of Springfield. They keep getting in our line no matter how long the wait. We also have an amazing staff. It’s all possible because of them,” she said. 

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