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5 Things You Need to Know About the Greater Springfield Partnership

5 Things You Need to Know About the Greater Springfield Partnership Main Photo

7 Sep 2022


The Greater Springfield Partnership (Partnership) is the collective voice of 800 companies that represent 15,000 employees in Springfield, Ohio. We believe a vibrant Springfield is the catalyst for a thriving economy, and that it takes all of us, in partnership, to succeed in our mission.

Here are 5 things you should know about the Greater Springfield Partnership and how we are working to grow our communities.

#1 We are a community leader and collaborator 

Everyone who stands to benefit from positive progress looks to the Partnership for leadership. Our team works to solve challenges, implement solutions and bring stakeholders together to achieve common goals. 

#2 The Partnership grows Greater Springfield through multiple avenues

We are the leading organization that encourages people to visit, meet and expand economic development and considers companies “investors” in the success of the Greater Springfield community. Rather than having organizations like tourism and the chamber siloed, the Partnership has brought everyone together under one umbrella organization because we believe that we’ll get farther working together. 

#3 The Partnership has had major wins 

Since coming together in 2021, the Partnership has had major wins for the community. We have been recognized by the Mid America EDC for our Magnify Talent initiative and by the state of Ohio for our response to COVID-19. In addition we have attracted major capital investment to our community. Surati Sweet Mart, a Toronto, Canada company, decided to locate their first US manufacturing plant here. They are investing $16 million and creating 100 plus jobs. In addition, Gabes decided to build their largest distribution center ever in Springfield, investing $90 million and creating 1,000 jobs. These are just a few of our wins and we’re only getting started. 

#4 Our team is made up of experts

The Partnership team is made up of experts in their field - people with a true passion for our community with the expertise to make an impact. We encourage local businesses, partners, leaders and anyone interested in coming to Springfield to contact us for assistance. Our team knows how to solve challenges and get the job done. 

#5 The Partnership has diverse support

Across the community, industry, education, government and nonprofit leaders have come out in support of the Partnership and our mission to strengthen and grow Greater Springfield. This is reflected in our Board of Directors. For example, the President of Clark State Community College is on the board, as is the President of Park National Bank and the CEO of Benjamin Steel.

The Partnership is Pushing Forward

“Our team continues to enjoy extraordinary successes and is working towards building a more sustainable, vibrant future,” said Mike McDorman, President & CEO of the Greater Springfield Partnership. “We are building up with positive momentum and operating with strategic intentionality. That’s what’s happening in Greater Springfield and we’re looking forward to our communities' continued success.”


Why Invest with the Partnership?

Greater Springfield Partnership 20 South Limestone Street Suite 100 Springfield, OH, 45502