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Community Growth & Support Is the Reason A Skyline Chili Opened in Springfield, Ohio

Community Growth & Support Is the Reason A Skyline Chili Opened in Springfield, Ohio Main Photo

28 Apr 2023

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Springfield, Ohio has experienced steady growth over the past decade. New hospitals, distribution centers, and downtown development bring jobs and hungry bellies to the area, which is why Skyline Franchisees—the Kurlas Family—decided to open their third location in Springfield. 

Skyline is famous for its incredibly delicious Cheese Coneys and 3-Ways. The unique chili is still made with the original secret family recipe passed down through the founding Lambrinides family generations. It’s incredibly craveable, and some would even say addictive. Customers in Springfield love it. 

Skyline Chili: Home of The Famous 3-Way Chili

Skyline is a full-service casual dining experience known for its Coneys & Ways. Coneys are small hot dogs with chili & cheese. The cheese is Wisconsin Cheddar, shredded daily in-house & fluffed to perfection! Ways are spaghetti, chili, & cheese, with options to add beans and onions. They also have wraps, salads, baked potatoes, and fries. For a sweet treat, they offer Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake with a different monthly flavor.

“About two years ago, Corporate Skyline emailed franchisees to see if anyone would be interested in the Springfield market,” said Co-owner Robin Kurlas. “We threw our hat in the ring and said we were interested in seeing what Springfield was about. After spending time in the area, we liked all of the new development that was going on and thought this would be a great spot to open a new store.”

New Location Brings Hearty Food To Springfield

Before opening the Skyline Chili in Springfield, Ohio, the closest store was over 15 miles away, just outside Dayton. While 15 miles may seem like a short drive, only the hardcore chili enthusiasts would trek to get the famous 3-way chili or coney. 

Since opening the store, residents tell owners Robin and Dennis that they have long waited for a Skyline Chili in Springfield. The location between Dayton and Columbus, Springfield, was an ideal choice because there was a high demand, and most people were familiar with the Skyline brand. 

The Greater Springfield Partnership Helps Businesses Build Relationships

“Since opening here, The Greater Springfield Partnership has been an invaluable resource for helping us network and meet with other business owners,” said Co-Owner Dennis. “These relationships are helping us build relationships and trust with the community of Springfield.” These introductions sprouted partnerships with the Second Harvest Food Bank and the Springfield Arts Council. The Kurlas family’s mission is to support these two organizations in any way possible. 

Because of the high demand for Skyline Chili and the community support, the Kurlas family is exploring the options to open a second location across town so that all Springfield residents can taste the delicious chili. “Our Coney Crew has been meeting many customers, and more and more are becoming regulars,” said Robin. “With another store, we can open up even more people to the wonders of Skyline Chili.”

Why Invest with the Partnership?

Greater Springfield Partnership 20 South Limestone Street Suite 100 Springfield, OH, 45502