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Springfield Businesses Positively Benefit from Hosting High School Interns

Springfield Businesses Positively Benefit from Hosting High School Interns Main Photo

17 Nov 2023


The Greater Springfield Partnership takes pride in connecting local businesses with students early, offering them valuable internship opportunities. High school internships benefit students by providing them with essential skills and experience and prove to be a boon for businesses, as demonstrated by Night Dispatch's remarkable success story.

In its second year of the internship program, Night Dispatch hosted four high-school interns during the summer of 2023, yielding significant advantages for both the students and the company.

Building Essential Skills

The internship program at Night Dispatch played a pivotal role in helping high school students explore and grow their career skills. It offered them structured training, emphasizing soft skills that are crucial in their current roles and will serve them well in their future careers. The program is aimed to equip students with the necessary tools for success, both in and out of the workplace.

Investing in Soft Skills 

Recognizing the importance of soft skills, Night Dispatch engaged local resources to impart crucial knowledge to the interns. 

  • Junior Achievement was brought to enhance their financial literacy. 
  • A staff member from the juvenile court system provided valuable insights on conflict resolution. 
  • A business coach explained the intricacies of organizational structure, clarifying the chain of command and the appropriate channels for addressing issues and questions.

Business Owner's Perspective

One of the pivotal highlights of Night Dispatch's internship program was the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the business owner. They admired the high school interns, stating, "They were great. They were probably some of the best workers I've ever had."

The owner debunked common misconceptions about working with high school students, emphasizing the students' exceptional work ethic and enthusiasm. The students' dedication and eagerness to learn and contribute each day left a lasting impression on the business owner.

Enhanced Operations and a New Department

In a testament to the effectiveness of the internship program, Night Dispatch established an auditing department staffed by the interns.

This department was responsible for ensuring that night dispatchers followed all protocols during calls. The initiative proved a resounding success, with the department operating efficiently and effectively. It was so successful that the company needed additional workers to replace the high school interns who had played a crucial role in its implementation.

Looking Ahead

The success of the internship program at Night Dispatch underscores the benefits of early engagement with students. It enriches the students' skill sets and positively impacts local businesses. Business owners like Night Dispatch's emphasize the value of hosting high school interns, and the community, as a whole, stands to benefit from nurturing the talent of the future workforce.

The Greater Springfield Partnership and local businesses provide a win-win situation, with high school interns gaining invaluable experience and businesses like Night Dispatch reaping the rewards of their fresh perspective, dedication, and hard work. These internship programs are vital in shaping the next generation of skilled and competent professionals, and Springfield businesses are proud to be a part of this transformation.

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