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Reviving History, Building the Future: Springfield, Ohio's Beacon for Business Growth

Reviving History, Building the Future: Springfield, Ohio's Beacon for Business Growth Main Photo

9 May 2024

Springfield, Ohio, is a city that thrives on revitalization and progress, championing businesses like Liberty Remodeling Company. Established in January 2021, Liberty Remodeling has swiftly emerged as a critical contributor to Springfield's local employment and construction services and its environs. What distinguishes Liberty is its commitment to "Breathe New Life into Communities," a promise realized through the recent transformation of a historic landmark at 102 W High St. into "The Metropolis."

Formerly known as Central United Methodist, the building at 102 W High St. stood vacant for three years, a symbol of neglect exacerbated by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recognizing its potential to bolster Springfield's growth, Liberty Remodeling purchased the 45,000 sq ft property in 2023 and embarked on an ambitious restoration project.

Springfield's Pillar of Support: Nurturing Local Ventures

The metamorphosis of this historic site underscores Springfield's steadfast support for local enterprises. With guidance from the Springfield Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Liberty is working on transforming a dilapidated church into a vibrant hub housing retail outlets, offices, or event spaces.

Springfield's commitment to businesses like Liberty Remodeling is evident in the robust assistance, incentives, and collaboration extended for The Metropolis project. This project was made possible through a strong partnership between New Carlisle Federal Savings Bank, the Springfield SBDC, and the City of Springfield's grant programs. Furthermore, Liberty's close collaboration with Springfield's Building Department, Economic Development, and Minority Business Services demonstrates the city's dedication to fostering the growth and prosperity of local businesses and fosters a sense of unity and shared goals among these entities.

Dedicated to Community: Liberty Remodeling's Vision for Springfield

For Liberty Remodeling Company, choosing Springfield was more than a strategic move; it was a pledge to a community brimming with potential. As a military veteran with over 20 years of service, owner Levi Duncan recognized Springfield's unique blend of governmental, public, and private entities as a recipe for success. His military background, which instilled a strong sense of community and service, significantly influenced his decision to invest in Springfield. Springfield's professionals have facilitated Liberty's expansion and contributed to its achievements through funding, guidance, and incentives.

Looking ahead, Liberty Remodeling aspires to augment its workforce and expertise, further enriching Springfield's evolution into a vibrant metropolis. Beyond The Metropolis, the company envisions expanding its brand through additional downtown redevelopment projects. These projects include the renovation of several historic buildings, the construction of new commercial spaces, and the creation of more job opportunities for the local community.

A Beacon of Change: Liberty Remodeling's Legacy in Greater Springfield

Liberty Remodeling Company epitomizes the essence of transformation, community, and Springfield, Ohio's boundless potential. Their narrative transcends construction; it symbolizes revitalization, community spirit, and the limitless horizons of Springfield's future.

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