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Springfield Has a Workforce Plan

Springfield Has a Workforce Plan Main Photo

17 Dec 2021


“Workforce shortages intensified in 2020 and 2021 but this has been on our mind for some time. Through the Chamber, now Greater Springfield Partnership, I have been helping businesses to find new talent for years. We also started working on workforce attraction and development plans over a decade ago. That planning is paying off,” said Amy Donahoe , Director of Workforce Development for the Greater Springfield Partnership. 

“We want Springfield companies to reach out to us for help finding workers, and to facilitate workforce training and development. We can customize solutions and are happy to do it,” she said.

How the Greater Springfield Partnership Can Help Businesses with Workforce 

The GSP provides hands-on support with workforce planning. Here are some of the free tools available to Springfield and Clark County businesses.

#1 Job Posting

Job postings are published at no cost. Simply email the posting to 

#2 Resume Collection

The GSP’s trained staff can collect resumes for open positions and often has a list of resumes on file. 

#3 Pre-Screening Services

Businesses can save time by working with GSP staff to identify candidates who meet their hiring criteria.

#4 On-site Recruiting

Utilize the spacious rooms at OhioMeansJobs-Clark County or the small conference rooms at the Chamber of Commerce to conduct confidential interviews.

Outbound Marketing and Recruitment

The GSP also supports workforce recruitment through outbound marketing efforts - primarily the Clark County Jobs campaign. This campaign is advertising job opportunities in the Dayton metropolitan area and looking to attract new talent. Simultaneously, the campaign raises awareness of local companies and the career opportunities they provide. 

“We also facilitate job fairs and recruiting events locally and through our partnership with Jobs Ohio. At their virtual job fair this year, we had 24 Clark County facilities participate, so we have had a strong turnout from both employers and potential employees at these events,” said Donahoe.

The talent recruitment is happening at the highschool level as well. “We create events to connect high school students and alumni with local employers. These events are happening throughout the year, with two in November alone. Our goal is to remove obstacles by making it easy for students to learn about job opportunities and to apply for them,” said Kendra Burnside, Talent and Education Coordinator for the Greater Springfield Partnership.

Workforce Training & Development in Springfield

Beyond connecting people with job opportunities, the GSP is focused on providing workforce training. “These training opportunities are hugely important and necessary for ensuring a strong and continuing workforce pipeline,” said Donahoe . 

For example, the GSP created a new workforce development program that local businesses can take advantage of. The program customizes curriculum and training programs for the needs of individual businesses, ensuring that workers can be upskilled for their specific needs. “This workforce development program will be highly beneficial for Springfield’s businesses because it provides an affordable and convenient way to facilitate workforce training,” said Donahoe . 

Clark County businesses are invited to take advantage of the free support and affordable training programs offered by the Greater Springfield Partnership.

Why Invest with the Partnership?

Greater Springfield Partnership 20 South Limestone Street Suite 100 Springfield, OH, 45502